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Every time seasonal and alternant, catch a cold to send period more namely. Though the cold is a kind almost the small disease that everybody meets, but did not get be remedialed in time also be meetinged becoming big trouble. “It is medicine 3 minutes poison ” , if can adopt the method of dietotherapy to treat a cold, that is again appropriate did not pass. Medicine is chemical composition makes hard to avoid can have side effect, and take medicine much the haemal cell with also can destroy human body normal, make the person produces antibody, the person of different constitution takes medicine to also can have distinct effect, e.g. pregnant woman child, compare danger so, so medicine fills be inferior to feeding fill, feed fill to be able to complement not only the nutrient part that human body place wants, still let a person increase resistance, it is to feed the method that fill below:

Cookbook of the dietotherapy when the cold

1, Xi Qin fries dawdle

Xi Qin has very high officinal value, can use at hypertensive, blood-vessel sclerotic, neurasthenic the auxiliary cure that waits for a disease, often feed Xi Qin to be helpful for bravery of clear pharynx benefit, drive wind comes loose hot, clear bowel benefit, relieve a cough, diuresis, bright eye. Xi Qin contains many calcium on one hand, can fill ” of force of ” leg spirit, also contain potassium on the other hand, can reduce next half-length moisture to build up. Dawdle contains a lot of18 kinds of amino acid, nutrient value is next to milk. Dawdle contains a variety of vitamins, absorb vitamin D to human body especially. Additional, the rare vitamin B12 in general plant still is contained in dawdle stay of proceedings, have increase the function with erythrocyte, exsanguine precaution.

Practice: dawdle section of 250 grams, horse’s hoof. 250 grams cut Xi Qin paragraph, chili section. Have oily pot, explode sweet ginger garlic, fry stir-fry before stewing of the boiler below dawdle. Dawdle is fried soft hind, fry the pan below other material together come green. It is good that essence of next salts, chicken flavors.

Cookbook of the dietotherapy when the cold

2, fabaceous doing fries celery

Celery is one of commonly used vegetable, can heat up already fry, can cold and dressed with sause, love by people. In recent years a lot of research makes clear, this is a kind of plant that has very good and officinal value. The microelement such as rich iron, zinc, have smooth liver step-down, calm the nerves composed, fight cancer to prevent cancer, diuresis detumescence, stomachic action. Bean curd nutrition is rich, contain a variety of microelement with the indispensible human body such as iron, calcic, phosphor, magnesium, still contain oil of carbohydrate, vegetable and rich high grade protein, its digest absorptivity to amount to 95% above. Practice: Celery is abluent cut a; beans to do head day to go up with bleb in the evening, take out the following day rinse with clear water, next section, cut all but; dry chili cuts paragraphs small, Jiang Qie is fine. Fry boiler to pour oil, oily tepid Gan Xiaohuo issueing a beans is fried slow. The beans is dry a bit decoct (fry) hind, will dry chili paragraph, put in since Jiang Yi fry slightly. Again celery paragraph in pouring boiler, conflagration is fried quickly, add right amount salt to flavor, fry to celery ripe namely1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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3, congee of food grains other than wheat and rice

Food crops food grains other than wheat and rice is a ” of ” everybody a group of things with common features, such as has polished long-grained nonglutinous rice, husked sorghum, millet, corn, buckwheat, black soya bean, horsebean, ormosia, gram and sweet potato to wait a moment. Home Ju dietetics is analysed, food crops food grains other than wheat and rice is mixed compared with purificatory flour paddy rice, watch of its nutrition price is tall, have the effect that prevents cancer to fight cancer. Had circulated meals of 1000 old Japanese macrobian food crops are mix those who boil by rice, millet, ormosia, wheat and soja, the meal that value should compare its nutrition to be boiled by onefold cereal is 5 times taller.

Practice: Black soya bean, will black rice each 14g, millet, gram, ormosia, Yi benevolence, unpolished rice, Gorgon fruit each 34g in order to rinse thoroughly abluent. Bubble water wants bubble long, want bubble 4 hours at least. Add water, after conflagration is boiled, turn small fire infusion 1.5 hours. After been boil, join right amount white sugar, can edible, the mouthfeel after iced is much better.

Cookbook of the dietotherapy when the cold

4, heart of dawdle fried dish

C of rich calcium, Tie Hewei is contained in rape heart, the dimension C that contains among them is taller than Chinese cabbage. Carotene is very additionally rich also, it is human body mucous membrane and epithelial tissue maintain growth important nutrition source, to resisting excessive horn changes the skin to have profit greatly, personage love the United States mights as well eat a few cole more. And the active ingredient of dawdle can enhance T lymphocyte function, raise airframe to resist thereby some studies the Brazil of immune force; of all sorts of diseases to extract a kind of material to have analgesia from inside dawdleShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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, composed effect, its analgesia effect is allegedly replaceable herion.

Practice: dawdle 200 grams are abluent, go the base of a fruit, enter float of syncopation of boiling water boiler, after fish out drop works, run from opposite directions cut; a variety of Chinese cabbage the side outside 200 grams take out takes his run from opposite directions after the heart is abluent cut, put the bowl that heat up oil (in adding 20 grams oil) addNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Refined salt is right amount, gourmet powder a few breaks up fry squashy, have pot orderly platoon at dish inside; boiler wears flourishing 30 grams burn pour oil on the fire hot, put dawdle stir-fry before stewing to fry moment, join carry on wine, odd refined salt, odd gourmet powder to burn to tasty, drench sesame oil, lid having pot is become namely on dish heart.

5, carrot fries an egg

What the egg contains rich protein, adipose, vitamin and iron, calcic, Potassium to wait for human body place to need is mineral, its protein is the protein with the best nature, to hepatic organization injury has repair action; to contain a lot ofelement of DHA and lecithin, yolk at the same timeForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, right neurological with body development advantageous, can beneficial of be good at head wisdom, improve memory, promote liver more vitamin B and other microelement are contained in rejuvenesce; egg, can be decomposed and the carcinogen inside oxidation human body, have of one’s own accord of flavour of egg of; of the action that prevent cancer, sexual smooth; is had raise a heart to calm the nerves, enrich the blood, the effect of moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood. Carrot canForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Offer rich dimension A, can promote airframe to grow normally progenitive, dimension1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Hold epithelial tissue, prevent respiratory tract infection and carry vision nyctalopia of normal, cure and small hole are dry the function such as disease. Still can enhance force of human body immunity and the action that fight cancer at the same time, can ease the reaction changing cure of cancer patient, have protective effect to a variety of viscera. The woman eats carrot to be able to reduce the incidence of a disease of ovarian cancer.

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