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Characteristic ox bone is a of Han Yang classical cate, go the person that Han Yang travels can go place sampling authentic bovine bone. Bovine bone boils the Shang Cheng that makes ivory, drink rise delicious and unusual, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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And nutrient value is extremely high. Actually, the practice of characteristic ox bone is not complex, depend on condiment mainly make up and of bovine bone clean on, in the home everybody is OK also oneself will doShanghai Long Feng forum

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. So, how is characteristic ox bone done?

Characteristic ox bone
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, pasture of Han Yang Cai is new farming the practice of characteristic ox bone

1, bovine bone is general relativelyShanghai noble baby

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Big harder, ask a businessman to become small to chop when the market is bought. Come home abluent hind in putting cold water bowl, boil (general stainless steel boiler goes, leave some more quickly) , the hematic foam that after water leaves, gets on float to surface is cast aside piece (the hematic foam of bovine bone is more, want many a little while, cast aside 3, 4 times foam of ability general blood is divided)

2, pour bone boiling water into electric arenaceous boiler, addLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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A small Laojiang (the flank that use a knife is patted a few times) , one, 2 green (the clutch that use a hand becomes two paragraphs to go) , chinese prickly ash counts bead, open Bao soup file, drip a few vinegar (good let the calcium inside bone pledge easier dissolve enters boiling water inside) , begin to stew from midday, stew all the time you come off work afternoon

Characteristic ox bone

3, bovine bone soup stews Luo Bo to had better eat, but in putting Luo Bo to bovine bone soup directly, stew, such soup cannot long put. Had better be to use one boiler dip additionally some soup comes out to add the Luo Bo that cuts chunk to boil on 20 come minute went

Note: Inside the boiler of bone of the ox that stew, water should be added sufficient, cannot midway is added; Salt is not put when stewing, inside the pot that adds outfit boiling water again until eat can (do not put gourmet powder, can affect original little taste)

Dish tastes a characteristic: Pasture of Han Yang Cai is new farming ox bone is Wuhan city innovation name is fastfood, it is give priority to raw material with buffalo, be made via a variety of Chinese herbal medicine and ancestral recipe secret and become. Bone soft flesh is alcohol of pleasant of sweet, aftertaste, arrogant smell is sweet thick, local color is distinctive.

2, the practice of bovine bone encyclopedia

1, bovine bone turnip soup


Bovine bone one root, white turnip, caoguo, Chinese prickly ash, ginger, chopped green onion, salt each right amount


(1) pats ginger reserve, caoguo pats mouth; gently

(Outfit of boiler of 2) high pressure is little half boiler water, put bovine bone, Chinese prickly ash, ginger, caoguo, small fire turns 40 minutes after high-pressured a powerful person is rotational;

Characteristic ox bone

(3) Bai Luobo cuts hob piece, put the bovine bone Shang Li that has boiled, 15 minutes control;

(4) puts salt, scatter on chopped green onion can.

2, ox of the bark of eucommia bone soup

Material: The bark of eucommia is 50 grams, arrogant energetically 100 grams, Ba Ji 100 grams, black soya bean is 50 grams, arrogant bone is 500 grams, red jujube 10, ginger, rock candy a few


(1) will be the bark of eucommia, arrogant energetically, Ba JiForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, bone of black soya bean, ox is abluent, put into boiler, , join conflagration of right amount water, ginger to boil;

(2) turns small fire boils; of about 3 hours slow

(3) puts right amount rock candy to flavor can.

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