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Soup-stock to cooking it is very important, so called soup-stock carries a few flesh namely kind or bone is boiled make and become, the nutrient value of beef soup-stock is exceedingly for instance high, the main characteristic of beef soup is faint scent is mixed clean and wait a moment without smell of mutton, some people think flavoring is boiled more more it is better to make the soup-stock that come out taste, this kind of notion is actually incorrect, so of beef soup-stock boil what to make a method have?

Of beef soup-stock boil make a method what have

The first, of beef soup-stock boil what to make a method have? Bovine bone 3 kilograms, bovine cutlet 1 kilogram, water 10 liter, ginger 200 fair grams, green 2, sha Jiang 10 fair grams, cassia bark 10 fair grams. Practice: After ironing quick-boil of bovine bone, beef abluent reserve. Enter the water of 10 liter boil inside the stockpot, put all stuff, boil with conflagration again come to roll boil once more, turn small fire keeps small boil, continuously infusion makes an appointment with 4 hours can.

Of beef soup-stock boil make a method what have

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The 2nd, beef is abluent, bubble haemorrhage water, green ginger has been cut, medlar aniseed the root of remembranous milk vetch, beef turns on the water burn, purify float foam, join condiment, the boiler on the lid builds small fire to boil 2 hours left and right sides, green cuts end, caraway is mincing, put the green that has cut and caraway into the bowl, add right amount salt, in filling the bovine broth that has boiled the bowl.

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0g, yam 150g, jiang Pian 4, green Chinese onion, cooking wine, saline practice 1. Beef is cut agglomerate, put water is added to be boiled in boiler, fish out is abluent, the beef of too good water puts wine of the feed in raw material in high-pressured boiler, green ginger, water is bigShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Fire of the make down after after baked wheaten cake leaves, encouraging stews 40 minutes, boil the yam of good beef Tonga stripping and slicing, salt is burned can.

Of beef soup-stock boil make a method what have

Of beef soup-stock boil what to make a method have? With makings beef 100 grams, the egg is yellow 2, caraway, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Refined salt, soy, broth, gourmet powder, green, balm each are right amount. Practice, beef is abluent, put water is added to thoroughly cook inside boiler, fish out, cut small broken last stage, put a bowl inside, add soy to bloat a little while. Green is abluent cut a flower, caraway is abluent cut end, put into beef bowl together. Gallinaceous yoke knock enters empty bowl inside, hit divide evenly. Broth is joined in boiler, boil of flourishing baked wheaten cake, drench yoke fluid, burn boil again, join refined salt, gourmet powder, balm to push divide evenly, in irrigating beef bowl, become namely. Flavour is delicate, shang Xianxiang, gust of Jiangsu the daily life of a family. Effect. D of calcium of this Shang Han, vitamin is more, still contain rich protein, unripe flesh fills pith, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein strong the effect of bone, of health care of preserve one’s health of appropriate the four seasons with, be helpful for improving the health.

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