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Olive oil is the oil of a kind of vegetable that modern people prefers. Relative to the soybean oil at the tradition for, contain a lot ofamong olive oil bigShanghai Long Feng forum

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The Ou Miga nutriment of the quantity. Average person can have olive oil, so is the puerpera OK also? Actually the lying-in woman can have olive oil. And the vitamin E among olive oil and acerbity Ou Miga 3, to the mom of mother milk feed, also have very big profit!

Can the puerpera have olive oil

The puerpera can have olive oil, olive oil contains a lot ofvitamin E, human body must fatty acid Ou Miga 3 with Ou Miga the scale as it happens of 6 is 1: 4, colleague breast is similar. To the infant, olive oil conduces to balance metabolism, stimulative children is neurological, skeletalForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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With cerebrum development. Olive oil is mixed to pregnant woman for the mother of lactation, it is superior nourishment.

Can the puerpera have olive oil

The puerpera uses olive oil note:

1, baby just was born, skin poleNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Its are delicate, can besmear an olive oil will protect the skin everyday, olive oil is very downy, won’t stimulate the skin. Add gently the mood that massage meeting pacifies little life, make the baby falls asleep more easily, decrease cry caw. Infantile skin is delicate, the olive oil on place besmear waits in alar, buttock, can be wided in order to prevent the skin of darling by sweat or make water.

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2, the most delicious and normal fancy olive oil is squeezed first.

3, if be the olive oil that hairdressing uses, can have certain chemical additive among them, possible meeting is right fetal influential, suggest so pregnant woman, edible olive oil is no problem, nevertheless hairdressing had better be with olive oil between bosom pregnancy not practical.

Can the puerpera have olive oil

Pregnant woman can eat fancy is olive oil squeezed first

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When the female is pregnant, it is OK the choice is fancy olive oil squeezes first, such oil is mixed to female body fetal development, not any influence, and when choosing this kind of oil, it is to be able to be at ease undertake, to the body each respect, it is to having a few helps.

Fancy the content of not saturated fatty acid in olive oil is being squeezed first is very high (highest amount to but 80%) , and this has profit very to circulatory system. In addition, fancy olive oil is extracted to did not pass chemical processing first, also did not add antiseptic, the vitamin that after withholding Chinese olive to mature so, contains, simple not saturated fatty acid and other and natural ingredient.

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