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Article introduction

Dumpling of leek meat stuffing is the main type of dumpling, because the dumpling flavour of leek stuffing is more absorbing,basically be, and leek is Zhuang Yang and of compensatory cellulose, so a lot of people like to eat leek stuffing dumpling. To the making method of leek stuffing dumpling, basically be the practice of dumpling stuffing most, because leek stuffing is chop of need general leek and ground meat agitate even and join the condiment such as oil to makeLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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And those who become.

The practice of leek meat stuffing

Leek dumpling stuffing practice

A lot of people like to eat leek dumpling, want to make delicious leek dumpling, the practice of leek dumpling stuffing is more important. Leek dumpling stuffingLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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raw material is leek pork, make very simple. Leek dumpling stuffing serves as bigA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Numerous the stuffing of a kind of dumpling that love and is familiar with most most, it is the cosset of cafeteria of a lot of breakfast. It is even in dish of the daily life of a family, also be Chang Jian sheet its form. So what is the practice of leek dumpling?

You are below the practice of stuffing of dumpling of specific introduction leek.

Feed capable person:

1, the raw material of leek dumpling stuffing: Leek, pork.

2, the burden of leek dumpling stuffing: Salt, soybean oil.

The practice of leek meat stuffing


1, leek abluent, actually bag leek had better be a choice the comparison with the sort of very fine leaf is sweet.

2, after leek has been cut, salt, after bloating insideForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Water falls.

3, put what condiment has mixed to wring the flesh.

4, put leek and meat together had mixed, a bit soybean oil is added when mixing can.

Sweet clew: A few oil is joined to mix in stuffing divide evenly. Oily meeting encases vegetable surface, form thin thin oily film. Had this oily film cut off, with respect to the interior that can prevent salinity infiltration dish and flesh, avoid salinity effectively to bring the moisture in dish and flesh thereby. Accordingly, before putting any condiment, mix first on a bit oil, such, after dumpling stuffing mix up, won’t ooze water.

Leek dumpling stuffing effect

No matter steamed stuffed bun still is dumpling, common stuffing makings has a few kinds only, among them animal sex origin is the; plant such as pork, beef, hotpot, egg and shrimp flesh sexual origin is leek, Chinese cabbage, celery, fennel and carrot. Value of these nutrition of raw material itself are very high, mutual collocation alsoForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Be beneficial to nutrition balanced.

The practice of leek meat stuffing

So is the effect of leek dumpling stuffing material what be?

1, filling kidney Wen Yang. Leek sex is lukewarm, flavour laborious, have filling kidneyForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Have positive effect, reason can be used at treating the disease such as impotent, seminal emission, premature ejaculation.

2, beneficial liver be good at stomach: Leek contains the special part such as volatile essence oil and sulfide, medicinal powder give out a kind of unique Xin Xiang flavor, conduce to thin tone diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain, stomachic, enhance digestive function.

3, enrage regulating blood condition all right: The bitter taste of leek has medicinal powder Yu invigorate the circulation of blood, travel gas guides sluggish action, apply to injuries from falls, queasy, enteritis, haematemesis, bosom painful wait for disease.

4, embellish bowel is aperient: Leek contains a large number of vitamins and crude fibre, bowel of can promotional stomach wriggles, remedial constipation, prevent alvine cancer.

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