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Everybody knows tomato is food of a kind of special nourishing, if hold to the meeting below eating case to be helpful for the health of the body everyday, the assimilation that still can promote people is absorbed, the problem that avoids a few constipation happens. The effect of tomato is more, and it is much OKer that the practice of tomato also is compared make it dish, also can eat raw. Can tomato go melanin?

 Tomato can go melanin

Prevent a jewel:

1, insolate not for long below sunshine, when going out, to exposing place Tu Fang basks in frost.

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2, if suspect Huang Heban is certain pharmaceuticals and cosmetic,cause, should out of service.

3, avoid to take photosensitive sex medicaments: Be like hypertension of prophylactic, cure, coronary heart disease fight the blood pressure medicaments, system that be not steriod kind antiphlogistic medicine, diuretic and a few antibiotic.

5, eat fresh fruit vegetable more: Wait like celery, day lily, black agaric, lotus root, apple, pear, watermelon.

6, feed less wait for excitant food tartly: Wait like garlic of coffee, cocoa, green, cassia bark, chili, Chinese prickly ash.

Fleck: Fleck is common at facial especially the brown pigment ordering state below nose ministry and orbit is ad cool-headed spot. Ultraviolet illuminate, endocrinopathy, long-term pressure reachs metabolism to be able to close to mussily greatly too send this disease. The summer can make his aggravating as a result of ultraviolet illuminate.

 Tomato can go melanin

Prevent a jewel:

1, sunshade outfit should be worn when outdoors activity, daub is prevented bask in frost.

2, the attention strikes a proper balance between work and rest, avoid het-up.

3, have tomato more. Because peptide of rich cereal Guang pleasant is contained in tomato, peptide of cereal Guang pleasant can restrain melanin, the pigment of sober decreases fade or disappear thereby.

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Sexual dermatitis: Common says to bask in spot, its expression is the place exposes inside several hours skin after insolating to appear oedema sex erythema, can remove blister, much companion has burn feeling, urticant feeling or smartly. Light person rash of number Queen of heaven gradually the person that disappear fade; is weighed can be accompanied have kind of cold symptom, if have a fever, lack of power, whole body is unwell wait, make an appointment with a week left and right sides to be able to restore. Color of skin is shallow person contract this disease easily, with the female more see.

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1, avoid to insolate for long below sunshine when the; activity outdoor, want to wear sunshade hat, wear long garment unlined upper garment.

2, avoid smooth feeling food to be like slimy snail, three-colored amaranth, shepherd’s purse, mustard, Ma Lan head, spinach, lettuce, agaric, buckwheat to wait.

3, feed fresh fruit vegetables more, can be prevented because of vitamin C and B12 and abate to ultraviolet light sensitive, promote the disappear fade of melanin, and recoverable cutaneous is stretch.

 Tomato can go melanin

The skin disease that high temperature causes

Prickly heat: Prickly heat can be divided commonly for red Fei and white Fei. Red Fei expression is gules bleb, defeat not easily;burst;ulcerate;fester, self-conscious Sao is urticant. White Fei is expressed1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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It is the blister of pinpoint size now, blister fluid is clear and bright, easy burst, common carry the place such as side of music of upside, arm on the back at frontal ministry, neck, bosom, do not itch commonly.

Prevent a jewel:

1, ventilated drop in temperature, maintain skin cleanness dry, attack frequently prickly heat pink, change clothes frequently, dress appropriate is loose and wide.

2, bathe had better use Wen Shui, use soap less, optional choose is alkalescent small bath dew, in order to reduce stimulation.

3, if the; such as gram soup, wax gourd soup eats fresh vegetable more,eat delicate, cool and refreshing food moreFall in love with the sea

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Dish, fruit.

Summertime dermatitis: Happen at limb to extend side, especially the ahead of two crus, sometimes truncal Yike happens. Volume of the grain of rice that it is millet has first, compare concentrated erythema, papula or grave bleb, sao itchs and companion has glowing feeling.

Prevent a jewel:

1, the key is to prevent bask in, prevent heat, compare sensitive person to sunshine illuminate especially, Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Preventive measure must be adopted when going out.

2, the thing that has a few acrimony stimulation less, eat the cool and refreshing food such as vegetable fruit to be like dish of balsam pear, towel gourd, wax gourd, unripe lotus root, beans, watermelon to wait more.

3, the attention is indoor and ventilated, drop in temperature, wear the dress with good permeability, if cotton pledges kind of dress.

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