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In the life, can eat various meat, for instance egg of ear of pig of bittern pig foot, bittern, bittern is waited a moment, these bittern dish want to eat very much it seems that, taste flavour is first-rate, have enhance the action such as appetite, below majority circumstance, people is to go out the dish that buy bittern will eat, it is not easy to want his to make authentic etc. served cold, need prepares a lot of data such as anise and cassia bark, everybody teachs to give pot-stewed fowl the method of chromatically below.

Pot-stewed fowl how chromatically?

Pot-stewed fowl how chromatically?

1, gules bittern dish. Chromatically uses candy color, red music rice, safflower, red soy, dosage does not have mensurable standard, individual general interest of the quality that use sugar is feed capable person 2% the left and right sides, can adjust rejoin appropriately or red music rice or safflower orFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Red soy makes his more red bright.

Be like red pink music 5 grams, sweet arenaceous 3 grams, caoguo 3 grams, 2 grams of hill Nai, sweet leaf 2 grams, hang a skin 4 grams, fine ginger 4 grams, sha Ren 3 grams, small sweet 5 grams, lilac 1 gram, dried tangerine or orange peel 5 grams, sweetgrass 1 gram, the flesh buckles 3 grams, buckle 3 grams in vain, aniseed 6 grams, the root of Dahurian angelica 3 grams, chinese prickly ash 4 grams.

2, maize bittern soup. General Huang Wei child or curry comes mix colors, dosage does not have a regulation, comfortable color comes increase and decrease.

Be like yellow gardenia 15 grams, curry 100 grams, sweet leaf 8 grams, 5 grams of hill Nai, chinese prickly ash 2 grams, fine ginger 4 grams, arenaceous benevolence 3 grams, celery 20 grams, ginger 20 grams, makings sauce 50 grams, ripe rapeseed oil 200 grams, gallinaceous essence 50 grams, salt 100 grams, big bone soup 6000 grams.

The problem of bittern dish chromatically, it is to encounter the problem with most inquiry these days, detailed that today talk about this problem with everybody.

Pot-stewed fowl how chromatically?

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: In all flavor, have yellow gardenia, red gardenia, asian puccoon, yellow ginger

2: Red music rice, red music red pink

3: Candy is lubricious

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Caramel color slants Hei Gong, dish tastes color easy and nigrescent.

Cape jasmine is OK chromatically, butShanghai night net

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Cannot add again too heavy than the row, to bittern dish chromatically so action can remove a part to assist action,

Red gardenia

Asian puccoon, have acrid, and use Asian puccoon chromatically, the food that bittern gives tastes color very ugly, show dark purple, lacklustre and brightness

Asian puccoon

Huang Jiang, have certain harmonic effect to bittern dish color, sheet is used at chromatically, the effect is unidentified show

Red music rice, color slants damask, in suggesting to add bittern directly, the first: Red music rice belongs to corn, in adding bittern directly, became boil congee, and make bittern easily ropy, ache slightly.

Red music meter

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, this belongs to the extraction content of red music rice, chromatically is easy, but it is gules only, and slant reddish, use the word of red music pink entirely directly, the food that bittern gives tastes color to look very factitious.

Pot-stewed fowl how chromatically?

Red pink

Candy color, this is bittern general also is to use most chromatically raw material in dish. Just frying candy color is a crucial technical work. Fry old, candy color is nigrescent, hair is bitter, fry tender, candy lubricious color is light, slant sweet, add in bittern little, cannot go up color, add much, bittern hair is sweet. Optimal condition is candy color shows purplish red scene, not bitter, not sweetLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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. Slightly a bit acrid, not big to bittern dish influence. Because rock candy still can be joined to flavor in bittern dish, acrid below not serious case, OK and harmonic. About how frying candy color, there is video fact to hold before share, the friend that have fun at can add attention to leaf through.

A lot of friends are lubricious to frying candy now this technology masters very hard, not be old, be tender, always take do not hold that key to nod, here, not how does give uncecessary details fry refine sugar color, this is experience problem, it is not clear that the language also is conveyed anyhow. Teach everybody a kind of the simplest and tough measure today.

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