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Value is very tall, in the autumn when the season that is pomegranate maturity, because pomegranate tastes mouthfeel is sweeter, so it gets the welcome of female friends, and to pregnant woman, often eating a few pomegranate also have very auspicious place to the body, but aught has two sides sex, if eat be opposite too muchFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The body also has a harm, so a few pomegranate does pregnant woman eat one day to had been compared?

It pregnant woman eats a few pomegranate one day is good that pregnant woman eats a few pomegranates one day

After be pregnant, pregnant Mom insists to eat a pomegranate everyday, the body may harvest this 3 big ” advantage ” !

1. promotes the absorption of iron element

During be pregnant, the nutrition that needs as a result of fetal development place is to originate the mother’s body, and the purpose gives baby convey when nutrition, can undertake through umbilical blood circulation, because this is between bosom pregnancy, compare to allowing mom’s study to ask to measure much. Accordingly, the circumstance of anaemia of the sex that be short of iron that different level appeared during a lot of accurate mom are pregnant. Because this allows mom to be able to eat pomegranate appropriately to alleviate at that time,this is planted symptom! Because many vitamin C is contained to be able to stimulate the absorption of element of the iron inside human body effectively in pomegranate, achieve thereby alleviate anaemic effect!

2. alleviates early pregnant reaction

In pregnant inchoate, great majority follows the mom change as a result of the hormone inside the body, and appeared the early pregnant reaction of different level, it is with vomiting during pregnancy be in the majority. Produce the situation of vomiting during pregnancy when accurate mom, it is to be able to appear the circumstance of inappetence, this also affected those who follow matter of mom body nutrition to absorb, be short of when the nutrition of accurate mom bodyForum of Shanghai night net

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When lack, can affect fetal growth and growth. Because this allows mom to be in pregnant is inchoate and OK eat pomegranate appropriately, because a variety of organic acid are contained in pomegranate, can alleviate effectively phenomenon of vomiting during pregnancy!

It pregnant woman eats a few pomegranate one day is good that pregnant woman eats a few pomegranates one day

3. prevents fetal happening to misshape

Well-known, during equipment pregnant, accurate mom takes folic acid with respect to need, and should be taken all the time to pregnant 3 months are controlled. Because folic acid can prevent fetal happening effectively to misshape,actually this is, after be pregnant accordingly, accurate mother also can have pomegranate appropriately, because many folic acid is contained in pomegranate, can haveShanghai night net

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The precautionary new student of effect produce deformation, rich much more phenolic compound still is contained in pomegranate at the same time, can stabilize a mood effectively, promote fetal neurological growth!

The vitamin C content of pomegranate is especially high, it is the coronal of all sorts of fruits, content of its vitamin C is 3 times more than orange, it is the good origin that human body absorbs vitamin C, can increase immune capacity, prevent infection, can prevent the disease such as infection of grippe, the upper respiratory tract especially.

Pomegranate nutrition is rich, contain protein, adipose, carbohydrate, vitaminic A, B a group of things with common features, C, calcic, phosphor, iron to wait. Pregnant woman eats pomegranate to be able to promote fetal healthy growth, have pretty good effect to cerebrum development. The bosom drinks pomegranate juice to be able to reduce the odds that fetal cerebra development injures more during pregnant. Additional, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Still contain in pomegranate rich Potassium, phosphor, sulfur and chloric, can aggrandizement skeleton system and lymphatic system function.

It pregnant woman eats a few pomegranate one day is good that pregnant woman eats a few pomegranates one day

Pomegranate is contained alkalescent acerbity flavour, can check hydrochloric acid in gastric juice ferments, convergent bowel mucous membrane, eat more can stop have diarrhoea. Pomegranate fiber is extremely tall, can have1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Effect ground help discharges stockpile to lodge for the night in intestinal, often the metabolism that edible can promote human body, promote healthy with development.

Additional, malic acid, tan is contained in pomegranate peel the composition such as qualitative, alkaloid, make clear according to concerning an experiment, pomegranate skin has apparent curb bacterium and convergent function, can make alvine mucous membrane convergent, make bowel sticky dried meat secretion decreases, effectively cure is diarrhoea, so dysenteric wait for disease, have better inhibition to dysenteric bacili, coliform organisms.

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