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This kind of symptom can bring about bronchiectasis everybody appears very easily bronchitic, but the breath that can raise us is smooth ability, so the method to bronchiectasis, we can pass mobile method to undertake recuperating. The method of bronchiectasis has knead cervical and genu bosom motion, still can flap appropriately bosom, can let bronchus stretch so, the supply of stimulative blood, can insist to take exercise everyday.

 How does bronchiectasis take exercise

How does bronchiectasis take exercise?

To bronchiectasis, exercising moderately is the body to the patient have profit, so must measurable. Small the patient that groups proposal bronchiectasis can try below a few kinds of means that take exercise:

(1) knead is cervical.

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, be in with the palm next cervical attrition, until cervical and calorific till, everyday 2, the blood that can improve cervical and amiable canal so is supplied.

(2) genu bosom moves.

Genuflect is on the bed lumbar stoop, antebrachium is inflectional stick on the bed, make bosom is down press as far as possible, raise a bosom to be down again nextShanghai Long Feng forum

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Pressure, raise repeatedly so, press next 20-30 second. Such taking exercise, because head position is inferior, be helpful for a patient outward platoon is phlegmy, suit phlegmy much patient undertakes taking exercise.

 How does bronchiectasis take exercise

(3) flaps bosom.

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Hold out a bosom to look up do deep inspiratory, make right breast with left hand, the right hand flaps left bosom, first lightForum of baby of new Shanghai noble New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Weigh after, everyday 2. Can aid so phlegmy expectorate, the blood that improves bosom muscle and lung circulates. Breathe out bigger than sucking, cannot exert oneself to do sth. .

What should diet notice?

The patient of bronchiectasis can take exercise appropriately, but to the patient, diet also is a very important facet, generally speaking, bronchiectasis food should notice below when:

1, food gives priority to with making the same score a gender in order to avoid too laborious heats up and cold cool: Bronchiectasis patient belongs to this world of heart lienal lungs to enrage inadequacy more, water wet use is changed adverse, cause phlegmy chaotic internal resistance. So, both neither can eat hot food, in case refine fluid is phlegmy, make spirit way inflammation aggravating, the influence enrages the unobstructed; of the path

 How does bronchiectasis take exercise

2, wine of give up smoke: The harmful material that cigarette produces after combustion is inspiratory after human body, can spur morale talk directly, cause respiratory tract inflammation and spasm, accentuation connects gas block up. Wine can be outspread outside week is hemal, can add fast heartbeat, increase oxygen demand, the burden feeding oxygen of aggravating lung, so, the patient of bronchus asthma answers wine of smoke of determined give up.

3, avoid edible acrimony excitant food, because acrimony excitant likelihood stimulates respiratory tract, make an illness aggravating, should avoid so, if be like chili, peppery, garlic, green, leek, unripeShanghai night net

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Ginger taste tartly. Additional, what the patient also should notice is, dish flavors had shoulded not be too salty, acerbity.

Above is what everybody introduces to concern namely at bronchiectasis exercise a method, believe everybody has much knowledge, take exercise well, seasonable cure is very important.

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