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Ran is a kind of when exercise good method, especially morning ran gets a person the favour of numerous and healthy personage, because major white-collar personage is in only,in the morning just brief time is used for oneself, and taking exercise is the optimal method that raises fitness, but take exercise have more exquisite, can make invalid motion otherwise, for example, everyday in the morning is run good at 6 o’clock? Look below tellForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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 In the morning run is good at 6 o'clock

Controlled at 6 o’clock in the morning exercise, ran is bad.

1, when human body has violent campaign, can make sympathetic excitement rise, change of this kind of quickness can make airframe produces a series of change, affect round-the-clock psychosis, harmful to health.

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Paragraph blood sugar is in low-level, games uses up many blood sugar, cause the symptom of hypoglycemia easily. And move in fluctuation midday period of time, suffer again go to work, the influence of the objective element such as the job, housework.

Consider to discover, high strenth motion can undertake two hours after the meal; Motion is spent to should be arranged in after the meal one smallLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Undertake when; Spend motion gently to undertake in hour of meal second half the most reasonable. Optimal campaign time: Came at 3 o’clock afternoon 5 o’clock is optimal campaign time.

 In the morning run is good at 6 o'clock
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Morning runs the possibility that thrombus forms in increasing blood-vessel, easy cause hemal embolism, because at this moment haemal cohesive affinity rose 6% . And evening ran is antipodal, the amount of plaque drops 20% , reduced the dangerous sex of hemal embolism greatly.

Additional, the blood pressure when morning runs and heartbeat rise and acceleration all bigger, circumstance of easy generation excess load, affect athletic effect and health. And what evening physical strength and limbs react is sensitive reach adaptability to all amount to a height, palpitant frequency is the smoothest or on the low side, move and bring about a heartbeat to add fast the extent that rises with blood pressure all slower, advantageous to health. Run late to still have the effect with stimulative sweeter Morpheus.

Sports medicine has proved, when just rising in the morningLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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, the movement of each viscera still is in human body inferior level, take exercise at that time, it is more dangerous for flimsier to cardiovascular function person. And the mobile ability of human body is filled in the late evening apart hair comes out, at that time ran, the body gets used to athletic rhythm more easily.

 In the morning run is good at 6 o'clock

From external environment for, newest research makes clear, index of the carbon dioxide in early morning air is highest, and before today suspension disappears not completely also in aerial dust, move at that time, far not as good as the environment in the evening.

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