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Article introduction

Every place of human body is very important, be short of one cannot, but people can take place problem of a few diseases after often working. Knee is a place of articulation of serious ministry of leg of the human body that prop up, but knee is incidental also problem, for instance knee can be out of shape, the complement that needs to make the body is adjusted. So after knee is out of shape through bending, should notice rehabilitation trains, do restore to train. What does knee curve 90 degrees of rear laws to have?

Knee curves 90 degrees of rear laws

The rehabilitation function exercise that knee joint angle of bend spends

The specific exercise method with inflectional knee joint: (The method that oneself are in the home to be able to practice by oneself)

Kneecap shakes art:

Alleged kneecap, it is common saying those who say is patellar, again of knee joint ahead, it is to be close to a of the circle ” sesamoid ” . It is when joint is not swollen, leg nature unbend is put on the bed to be able to see the outline of kneecap. After injury and operation, as a result of the strut of knee joint, the outline of kneecap may be bad to find, doohickey is same point of view has discharged two legs, the position of comparative and healthy leg is allowedShanghai noble baby

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Easy find the kneecap that has a leg. (Double leg gets hurt at the same time or operation, this method is not quite good with)

The effect of kneecap is very main to knee joint, in articulatory activity when the motion of kneecap is very complex also, here does not introduce more, later again special and specific say. Must put forward is, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The activity of kneecap spends the Qu Shen angle that deciding knee joint on a lot of degree, the activity that kneecap cannot freely, the angle of knee joint can get very big limitation and influence!

Before the activity that practicing knee joint so is spent, meet what do kneecap first to shake art normally, bend again so extend knee joint, effect gift is nicer. Ache and dangerous sex also are met lower.

Specific means is such:

Point to an abdomen with what the hand points to (push meeting clutch to get the flesh to ache with finger tip, bad also to exert oneself to do sth. ) the margin that pushs kneecap, control 4 direction to fluctuation respectively slow emphatically drives kneecap, obtain the ultimate position that can push. Every direction 5-10 second, 3-5 second should hold when turning range of the biggest activity. In knee joint the advancement of inflectional exercise goes, can be helpful for knee joint curving the kneecap in the processShanghai Long Feng forum

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Bedside hangs down leg:

Alleged bedside, because,be inchoate when the hospital practices, not be practice in sickbed edge, practice in remedial bedside namely. Actually oneself practice in the home when, the bed in the home is shorter, the leg hangs down the foot touchs the ground, do not have a law to practice in bedside. Can change desk edge to hang down so leg, should sit on the table namely, let a foot leave the area, ability is convenient exercise.

Specific means is:

Sit in the table enough perhaps tall bedside. Healthy leg is in injury or under the leg of the operation, the ankle that has a leg is ticked off below with the foot, hold in the palm with healthy leg namely have a leg. The muscle that has a leg is loosened completely, put the weight of whole leg to healthy leg. Next, the power that uses healthy leg has pilot, slow to transfer to a lower level, put lowlier, the point of view with inflectional knee joint having a leg is older also. Stop after feeling apparent ache maintain do not move, the organization after minute got used to 1-2, disappear possibly sorely or reduce, put downward again at that time.

This method applies to the inflectional exercise in 0-90 ° . Because oneself healthy leg is protected below, very won’t nervous fear, particularly comfortable at injury or the inchoate inflectional angle after the operation practices, the warm up before bending with older point of view practices.

Knee curves 90 degrees of rear laws

Should be nodded even if suffer from a leg to must be loosened completely, fear to dare be not loosened the more, can jump over sorely apparent, bend to be able to jump over difficulty.

Sit chair ” top wall ” :

the chair to wall put away. The person sits on the chair, the tiptoe that has a leg withstands wall or other fixity will prevent to slide. Fall in love with the sea

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The body sits firm later, slow and forward mobile body, as the reach of the body, angle of bend one’s knees also is added at the same time1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Big. Maintain after feeling is aching do not move, the organization after minute got used to 1-2, disappear possibly sorely or reduce, use the body to reach again at this moment to the limit. Can be apart from the inflectional angle of the knee joint of far latter indirect measurement of wall through knee joint. Under the premise with the changeless height of the chair, the space between knee joint and wall is less, inflectional angle is greater.

This method applies to the inflectional exercise inside 90-100 ° limits. If the chair is shorter, when knee joint carries wall on the head, also can achieve the point of view that 110 ° influence. This method is very safe, because the person sits on the chair, foot ground, very stable, fierce interest of abrupt hair power carries him if it were not for on the head forth, won’t angle change is too big, do not have what danger basically. (The chair is abrupt bad except! )

The point is the body should sit, because ache,perhaps cannot raise hip with respect to crooked body. Cannot increase angle otherwise, the progress of uncontrollable also angle.

What need reminds is: After and so on of suture of tibial platform fracture, meniscus has the operation that the leg cannot load, cannot use this method to practice inflectional angle!

Lie on one’s back hang down leg:

Lie on his back to go up in the bed, both hands holds the side after femoral knee joint in arms, make ham perpendicular at bed face, necessary when again can also others help secures ham to keep stable.

Can hold the gambrel that has a leg in the palm to protect by others, OK also the calcaneal that him cent gives a hand to hold his in the palm. After such protection are good, loosen femoral muscle completely, let crus be in gravitational action nature is flagging, increase the angle with inflectional knee joint gradually. Stop after feeling apparent ache maintain do not move, the organization after minute got used to 1-2, disappear possibly sorely or reduce, put toward older point of view again at that time.

This means applies to 100-120New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The inflectional limits of ° , a little inflectional angle is more agile, also can rely on the angle that this method practices be being controlled to 130 ° .

If be the circumstance such as articulatory adhesion, the weight of the leg cannot increase angle. Can increase negative charge in gambrel place, but bear is absolutely cannot too heavy, otherwise muscle cannot be loosened, incidental also danger.

Knee curves 90 degrees of rear laws

Want to suit oneself weight through trying to find. Had better be the 3-5 that beginning apparent ache does not feel inside minute, crus dares to loosen prolapse naturally. 3-5 begins ache after minute. Final 3-5 minute aching degree achieves need to hold to tolerance, can hold to 10-15 constrainedly minute for proper.

The point is fixed good ham, not mobile. Want to learn to loosen muscle at the same time, do not extend genu antagonism to ache. Master the weight of good bear at the same time. Doohickey is not to use sandbag, bind with a bag be in in ankle, the thing is added in past bag, add gently more a bit, weighed take place a bit, OK and special adjust weight at any time conveniently!

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