Like obsidian and ” radiation ” ? Then you can be fallen in love with for certain ” the outer world “

Obsidian is made newly in what TGA makes public on award greatly ” the outer world ” got a lot of attention, this is a set game is acted in the part of the first person of aerospace brim, profusion of picture effect colour, the story is interesting and the influence that is chosen by the player. From the point of visual angle, this game also let a person remember ” radiation ” series. This is reasonable, because ” radiation ” father was participated in ” the outer world ” development. And in interviewing, this made senior producer Matthew Singh expresses recently, “I think the vermicelli made from bean starch of any obsidian can like ” the outer world ” . ” ” the game that I think this is a lot of people want us to make, we have ” radiation ” series author Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky steer a boat. This is the sort of game that we miss to be made jointly with Private Division all the time. If you like our sport, like the game style of the RPG of classic obsidian form, you can be fallen in love with ” the outer world ” . ” the view according to presiding stylist Charles Staples, ” the outer world ” in also meet the identical element in the work before derive obsidian is early. “We are using all experience that we have: Tim and Leonard are in the experience of respect of the game that make, obsidian is making the experience of the game respect that we are happy to make, and with Private Division joint development this one brand-new IP, final confluence acts game to experience into unique single person role. ” should make plan and next year land PC, xbox One and PS4.

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