” street Xiang Yu the Conqueror ” hip of female of professional player rap is banned to surpass by card general sky

Capcom announced a few days ago, announce to ban contest to Noel Brown of professional athletics player, prohibit its share air blocking general contest of 2016 professions itinerate and EVO 2016 of contest of champion of global fistfight game, because Brown is suspected of a gender annoying in a match recently,the reason is.

Evidence shows, be in ” street bully 5 ” in Losers Finals match, brown is suspected of patting the hip of a female with handle gently. Organizer of contest of large award of Combo Breaker integral announces to will ban contest to arrive to Brown 2018, express 2018 again reappraise Brown is appropriate continue to take part in the match.

Brown is in some earlier last week moment explains in his Facebook homepage, two people are the friend in real life, this is the close act of a friendship only.

However, government of sky blocking general makes a statement to this, through investigation, this is one-time apparently harass behaviour. Blow of severity of sky blocking general objects this group be, if have again next time, meeting mortal body bans contest.

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