Competition is intense! The game that sends Yamaxun to developing his is strung together shed a service

We know Yamaxun had marched game industry, a few studio were bought inside a few years in the past (include ” killer school ” development business Double Helix Games) , 970 million dollar bought denounce endowment in August 2014 Twitch of platform of game direct seeding, enlarge oneself domain gradually. Nevertheless Yamaxun is上海千花网龙凤论坛

planning a larger action now, the game that abroad has new report to say Yamaxun is developing him is strung together shed a service, namely roam makes fun of. Outside cite of intermediary The Information message of two in-house personages, the game that Yamaxun develops is strung together shed a service to want the earliest to just was rolled out 2020. This retail tycoon has been in it is reported and send peddling negotiation in great quantities,上海千花社区

the hope is become of oneself string when shedding the line on the service, these send peddling your work to be able to be landed. Speak of game stringing together shed a service, must allude Gu Ge announced last year “爱上海

Project Stream ” plan. Gu Ge and Yo green jade cooperate at that time, allow American home user to use Chrome to get online to be able to be originally on Chrome browser the 3A game that amuse oneself Yo greens jade ” assassin credo: Odyssey ” . And the Microsoft that develops main engine of many new Xbox also is developing to string together allegedly shed lead plane, the price is cheaper爱上海同城论坛

. In addition, suo Ni has PS Now, EA has ” Atelasi ” plan. Atelasi plans (Project Atlas) it is a conformity ” game engine + online 爱上海同城手机版

service ” game develops platform, will develop the latent capacity of cloud computation and artificial intelligence adequately. At present EA company has more than 1000 employee to be engaged in this 上海同城对对碰交友社区

platform. The target that Atelasi plans EA passes cloud computation and AI, the creation latent capacity of emancipatory game developer. Apparent each are big the manufacturer has been cloud game to shift to an earlier date layout, prospective competition will be very intense.

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