Epic: Will continue to sign exclusive game everything is decided by development him business

” the subway: Escape ” the choice flees from Steam in the last moment Epic store, the intense dissatisfaction of global player was caused at that time. Be about to want put on sale because of this game, many players 上海千花网论坛

had gone up in Steam purchase in advance. Go up in GDC 2019 later, the reporter asked about this thing新上海贵族宝贝论坛

, ask whether they still are met so do (the last moment digs horn) . Steve Allison of Epic store controller replies instantly 上海千花网交友

say: “We do not think again so did ” . However Epic still did same business: The historical strategy game that Yo greens jade ” epoch 1800 ” , and ” the subway: Escape ” same, be worn early on Steam and open is opened to booking very long, be about to be in on April 16 put on sale, the result still flees from Steam in the last moment Epic. Just Yo green jade causes to avoid ” the subway: Escape ” big in that way dispute, made compromise — allow a player to be able to be before official put on sale on Steam game of purchase in advance. However this kind differ smally, look in indignant PC player basically different of it doesn’t matter. This week is some earlier the mood that moment Epic CEO Tim Sweeney clarified a company, after he expresses to pass in GDC, they undertook a series of discussion, final decision makes individual development business and hair peddling decide to whether molopolize, will still continue to pursue exclusive sport, even if thes上海千花网交友

e game had been worn on Steam. “We undertook a lot of times discussion since GDC. The development business that Epic is willing to continue and have intention and hair raise fund below peddling autograph / exclusive agreement, plan before them without giving thought to or announce to land Steam. ” ” go up in GDC, should be asked about ” the subway: Escape ” when controversy, our Steve Allison reply says we did not want to be done so again. This caused our in-housely follow-up d新爱上海同城对对碰论坛


iscussion, final we think these (exclusive) will mix by development business send peddling decision, epic won’t reject them because of be being commented on related the Steam that before be, publishs (manufacturer) . ” Gearbox announces recently ” derelict ground 3 ” PC edition will be Epic game store exclusive in a limited time, other figure platform is landed again after half an year.

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