Adjusting control of Beijing building city upgrades how to move 2 flatlet head pay how much should pay

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new on March 17 media special telegram 17 days, course of study of department of business management of bank of Beijing housing and committee of urban and rural construction, China people, Bank of China supervises administrative committee Beijing to superintend management center of accumulation fund of housing of bureau, Beijing 4 branches are released jointly ” be sold about perfecting commodity housing and the difference converts credit. The basis notices a requirement, adjusting control of Beijing building city upgrades once more, carry out identify a r上海龙凤论坛sh1f

oom again borrow, still fall to reduce financial lever effect moderately through be being carried. Commodity housing sale and loan of housing of individual of commerciality of dweller family application will be rel上海同城对对碰交友社区

eased from this announcement concerned provision is implemented since morrow.

Announcement requirement, dweller family under one’s name already had 1 ring house in Beijing, and housing is not had in Beijing but record of commerciality housing loan or loan of accumulation fund housing are recorded, buy common from housing head pay scale not under 60 % , buy blame is common from housing head pay scale not under 80 % . The announcement puts forward, drop housing loan time limit, time-out extends loan time limit 25 years (do not contain 25 years) the individual housing of above borrows money (contain housing accumulation fund to borrow money) .

Know borrowed relevant policy again according to knowing a house, dweller family under one’s name does not have housing in Beijing and without commerciality housing loan of housing of loan record, accumulation fund records, buy common the execution from housing is active a flatlet policy, namely head pay scale not under 上海夜网

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, buy blame is common from housing head pay scale not under 40 % (live oneself model commodity housing, two be restricted the except of policy sex housing such as the room) .

In addition, the announcement returns a requirement, the commodity housing that the enterprise buys appears on the market again trade, need to reach above 3 years completely, if its trade,the object is an individual, be restricted to buy policy to carry out according to Beijing. (reporter Kong Xiangxin)

(Original title: Does adjusting control of Beijing building city upgrade: ? Does  chase after grave of bad Tuo of fear of thirsty go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married to bite dust?

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