IPhone 8 ” cheek red gold ” Fuji inside health workshop mass-produced spit groove

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Red gold of IPhone 8 cheek spits groove, fuji health massive already amount produces video presentation; Beijing east Q2 net profit exceeds 900 million, adjacent last year annual | Morning paper

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1, Beijing east profit of net profit of the 2nd quarter exceeds 900 million to be close to last year annual

Last night Beijing east rele上海贵族宝贝论坛

ase newspaper of money of the 2nd quarter showed 2017, only run of the 2nd quarter receives humanness civilian money 13.7 billion dollar () of 93.2 billion yuan of RMB, grow 43.6% compared to the same period, among them net profit achieves 976.5 million yuan of RMB, successive 5 quarters profit, weak quarter profit is adjacent last year annual. In have a tradition advocate field great urge 618, beijing east trade amount, battalion closes to be achieved new tall, but meanwhile charge and cost also rise considerably, bring pressure to gain, record the operation loss that gets 403 million yuan.

2, nobody are retail and hypostatic in first A inn general at Hangzhou of settle of the end of the year

In clean out treasure after the cleans out coffee attempt of demiurgic section, first Alibaba is unmanned and retail hypostatic inn will this year the end of the year is in Hangzhou completion. This project group already affirmed cat of the day that be brought into is new retail strategy pursues medium greatly, and already Yu Yueqian is low-key garrison lab of new retail technology, absorption capture, the unmanned and retail difficult problem that research and development can use at setting of bigger customer discharge, more complex commerce.

3, health workshop pats Fuji secretly IPhone 8 video: Massive already amount is produced

Have exposure of small gain netizen a paragraph of doubt is like the IPhone 8 quantity that in Fuji health workshop films to produce video. From the point of video, IPhone 8 has begun massive amount to produce, the rear cover of incomputable IPhone 8 is aed string of 1 be on crosshead by thickly dotted ground, bright those who sparkle is very grand.

As we have learned, IPhone 8 has black, silver and cheek red gold 3 match colors. The biggest change cancelled Home of Touch ID dactylogram to bolt namely, use Face ID facial identifying will replace. New machine uses abnormity comprehensive screen is designed () of frontal fillet bang, all match colors all are black face plate.

4, Sun Hongbin impawn is happy inspect net total equity, or introduce strategic investor

Money new report says, what be in harmony achieves Chinese hold is happy inspect a net total equity uses as mortgage financing. Field hind leaves in Gu Yueting, liu Jiang east had undertaken negotiating with Sun Hongbin, beijing east quite big to interest of TV hardware business. Tecent expresses the interest of pair of happy course of study that look a trace. The respect also is opposite Alibaba happy inspect asset to show interest.

5, the People’s Daily call-overs 10 thousand amount to, happy inspect, 4 big: Not become the tool purpose

The People’s Daily says, rely on taletelling what ceaseless financing seeks to live on is happy inspect early this end, of high-key reduction sale 10 thousand amount to go lever is enough definitely absolutely, and labour is built farming relay add is ground on profitable ability press international to travel together, quite altitude feels coldly deeply, should be the Chinese banking industry that makes money so glad?

6, indignant birdie makes a company pl上海同城对对碰交友社区

an IPO appraise value to be as high as 2 billion dollar

Personage of know the inside story discloses say, rovio plan undertakes the earliest publicity collect first next month, or the appraise cost that takes next about 2 billion dollar to this company. Because of detail the message personage with not open and faceless requirement discloses say, rovio or through hanging out his shingle in this locality market collect capital restrains 400 million dollar. Personage of know the inside story still expresses, rovio has not made final decision, do not appear on the market likely also temporarily.

7, the United States will exceed first calculate serve aerospace, ma Sike’s airship is in charge of carrying

Local time on August 14, ma Sike’s subordinate SpaceX company first time is bureau of American space navigation (NASA) sends a super computer toward international space to stand. As we have learned, this super computer by HP company (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) designs research and development. This company says, this the task is the one part of a test that they and combination of American spaceflight bureau develop. This super computer is laded the system will work one year in course, aim to understand super computer to be in aerospace is abominable in the environment whether work for long.

8, side of exercise of accusation of marmoset search problem applies the Huang Xin that send experience to cease in its, travel in cold blood

Yesterday afternoon, marmoset search problem holds media to communicate meeting, employee of side of accusation Baidu exercise inscribes the ill will on application to release experience yellow information in marmoset search, undertake transmitting bespatter in cold blood. Say, this incident inscribes brand and business to cause serious effect to marmoset search, already reported a case to the security authorities with respect to this incident, cooperate investigation of public security office to obtain evidence.

Towards evening, exercise side issues announcement in official small gain, in calling the financing that helps in exercise the process, encounter the attack that comes from for no reason of some person of the same trade and bring a false charge against sb continuously, try to have blacken sb’s name to exercise side, mar the brand reputation that exercise helps. Had undertaken evidence conserves and will investigate its law duty through judicatory way, in order to safeguard oneself rights and interests.

9, Beijing shares property right housing but settle, enter a school

Yesterday, city lives build appoint the case that announced room of mutual property right to seek an opinion publicly feedbacks. Include to restrict fixed number of year, housing to turn to lone application age, divorce source of house of town of a record, thing. About sharing property right housing whether the problem such as settle, enter a school, the response says housing of mutual property right belongs property right kind housing, can according to this city relevant provision deals with the matters concerned such as settle, enter a school.

10, support of Beijing subway the whole line brushs a mobile phone to take a car but IPhone be no good temporarily

Line of afterwards room mountain is pilot after enabling a mobile phone to brush card, beijing subway supports all fronts the mobile phone to brush card to take a car. At present 160 mobile phone type that have NFC function support this one service. Mobile phone one cartoon need not pay cash pledge, support is retreated endowment business. But those who need an attention is, user of malic mobile phone still cannot open a mobile phone temporarily one cartoon.

Dispatch fast know

Exercise side announces to finish 150 million dollar C annulus financing promotes brand of class of new direct seeding

One woman IPhone explosion of American sends burn apple response to be in investigation

Hire a car to issue 400 million dollar 5 years hey period bond annual interest 5.875%

Plum Yan Hong weighs award each 1 million dollar is 4 groups Baidu top prize

We believe the technology can change the world, we are willing to weigh award technology innovation. On August 13, beijing, on the Summer Party of summertime annual meeting with annual Baidu, baidu author holds CEO plum Yan Hong concurrently to express in the speech, baidu is a company that is willing to pay fee for the technology not only, be willing to weigh award technology innovation more. It is reported, on the celebration that day, plum Yan Hong is 4 technologies group, issued value respectively the Baidu of 1 million dollar i上海贵族宝贝

s highest award. Baidu respect did not announce the specific research project of these 4 groups.

HTC net loss of the 2nd quarter 64.23 million dollar is successive 9 quarters loss

Money of the 2nd quarter signed up for cloth of HTC yesterday the ruler of heaven 2017. Money newspaper shows, collection of quarter of this company successive nine gets deficit, caustic of net loss of the 2nd quarter 64.23 million dollar, relatively before the deficit of 66.87 million dollar first quarter closes somewhat narrow; every deficit 7.8 cent, before the drive of HTC U11 of new admiral machine that 8 cent; gets every defic新上海贵族宝贝论坛

it to was released in May first quarter, battalion receives 531 million dollar, grow 11% compared to the same period.

970 processor already measured Hua Weiqi Lin produce total program shipment nearly 40 million

Supply Dev of Leng Xi of catenary personage @ to divulge, kylin 970 had begun miniature quantity to produce, the total program shipment of single product has approached 40 million. According to saying, lend You Qilin 970 processor, china the before 5 strong clients that accumulate report for the stage to grow already quickly, did not come or give Gaotong and couplet hair division to bring enormous pressure. Before this, pan Jiutang of industry analyst @ expresses, kylin 970 will upgrade to make Cheng for 10nm craft, GPU function can increase somewhat.

The policy after harbor edition IPhone makes work changes greatly, will not support return money

A few days ago, net of official of malic Hong Kong changed the policy after carry out sadly, announce from the net henceforth order will not support the policy that return money. Specific for, malic official net shows, the order on the net that refers after August 15, 2017 will be not accepted return money. This is meant, bought harbor edition IPhone to become one hammer business, cannot return money just about instead. The domestic existence as a result of relevant code, so travel I上海千花网

Phone does not worry about the country get this one pay.

Small letter pays open data ability, business door at any time the mobile phone runs the business

Business door carries a mobile phone can in time, get daily management data and relevant analysis conveniently. Business door can pass the data content that the mobile phone gets to have: Trade dailily to be seen without exception, the user that the statistical; new Laogu’s customer that if trade,number of amount, pen, client counts distributings forms circumstance; to pay period of time to distributing, interval of pen unit price distributings etc trade distributinging circumstance. Business door also can press what day, we爱上海同城

ek, month examines much day to trade the trend.

Unripe book of middle and primary school shares platform classmate to borrow a book to obtain millions seminal annulus financing

The classmate borrows a book to obtained millions in June this year seminal annulus financing, this annulus financing invests by the individual. The classmate borrows a book is unripe book of middle and primary school of domestic head home shares platform, give birth to the library on the line that builds class interior for middle and primary school, reduce the waste that teachs resource, the books that lets the child is moved rise, let them enjoy share reading pleasure. Prospective classmate borrows a book share development Internet platform into campus, offer knowledge to share, the service such as business of online education, cable.

The person that Chengdu college opens 41 to share old rounding off to live 18 smallpox 425 yuan

China on the west Metropolis Daily message, one college takes out Chengdu 41 unused dormitories, open to the outside world in summer vacation time to share a living quarter, increase administrative strength to ensure the student is safe at the same time. The first is entered be stationed in the Xiaosong that shares a living quarter, lived 18 days in Chengdu, the first day free, later everyday 25 yuan, during Chengdu jackarooes, his accommodation cost costs 425 yuan only.

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